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I am someone who dun like to describe mysef. I believe ppl change. So its up to my friends to know who I am & wat I am, coz human is ever changing. Good or Bad, we will cherish friendship. But as for now, if u get to know me, I'm like a chatter box..!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Nanjing Massacre

Yes. You're rite lets face it I'm one lazy ass blogger! My apologies for being a year late!~LOL~

Recently Channel News Asia reported on the 65th anniversary of the first atomic bomb attack. As mentioned in my previous blog about the atrocities done by the Jap Nips...

I was in Nanjing weeks ago and decided to pay homage to the souls from the Nanjing Massacre. It is a hair raising experience & trust me its "hair raising" for sure. The hairs on the back of my neck and my arms were standing still as if some magnetic field had been keeping them up.

Its is worth visiting as it allow us to have self reflection on our pass actions or should I say the "Nips' pass action" As I pass by the Mass Grave it was the worse sight I have ever seen so far. It made me think what drove the Nips to do all of these? There were even evidence of them driving in 6 inches nails into the skull of civilian such more!

I shall do less talking & let then pictures tell you the story!

65th Anniversary on first atomic bomb attack

6th August 2010 65th anniversary of world's first atomic bomb attack.

US attends first Hiroshima Atomic Bomb attack. & one Japanese civilian mentioned dat it is not enough by juz attending the anniversary! But I say dats more then wad they bargained for! Yes. Thousands suffered when the bombs were dropped in Hiroshima & ...Nagasaki. But before that old Japanese chap made that statement has he reflected the horror, atrocities and abomination Japan had done in the whole South East Asia? They raped, killed, tortured, robbed, humiliated, manipulated every single soul which only an abominable animal would do. They left scars so deep that no soul will ever forget "The Japanese Occupation" OR "The Nanjing Massacre"

I do hope that Old Japanese chap is not speaking for the whole of Japan. That chap needs to do some soul searching before passing that statement! I might not even be here now if my dad, mum or even my grandparents were one of their tortured victims!

Let the whole world know about this! & if that one Japanese is proud of the statement he made then shall tell him I regretted knowing that US had dropped only two bombs. They should have dropped enough to clear away the whole island!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Do we recognize the important things & take the small little things around us for granted? Or do we cherish every single thing around us?

For me its every single thing you do around me! Thanks for being the silver lining behind my darkest cloud, you made me smile when my mood is down, surprise me all the while & accompany me every now.

Small little things that you do made me laugh, like the single alphabet F that made me laugh.

While I know a bus ride can make you smile, you are what that made me smile! Home is where you relax for the rest of the day but thinking of you is what that completes my day!

Thanks for coming into my life!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I was really looking forward to the Great Singapore Sing Along concert at the floating platform on my weekend.

As I was walking towards the entrance & I bump into
this very rude & irresponsible China-man. He was walking towards me & was chatting loudly to his friend.

Looking to my left I realize there isn't any morwalking space hence I slowed down in order to avod bumping shoulders to shoulders with the China-man. But with his inconsiderate actions he swung his arms wide & there was a loud "THUD" & "CRACK" immediately looking at my precious A.Lange & Sohne, "TOO LATE" on the top is the aftermath..

I tried asking the China-man to pay up but he said "how do you know its my arm dat hit you & not your arm dat hit me?" If I were 10 years younger & my temper much worse back then I did beat the shit outta him man...!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Taiwan boast some of the world's best street cuisine and weird tasting stuff.

I had never tasted betel nuts & was dying to score some of those coz when it comes to food &
travel I will never miss my chance to try some Fear Factor style tasting. Allowing my taste buds to suffer, I got hold of some & let me tell you its the worse stuff I have ever tried up to date..! Its taste extremely sour & bitter...! Jesus...I will never ever lay my hands on those nasty stuff ever again.

But of course in Taiwan you can get real wicked & delicious stuff. Juz like the crab claws on the right...Boy were they yummy & the greedy me finish the whole pack myself...

The herbal looking soup below is the only stuff I have regretted tasting up to date. It is snake soup & not dat it is foul smelling but we chineses believe in the 12 animal horoscopes & juz happened dat my mum was born in the year of the snake.

I TEARED..! Yes I did. While eating the meat & drinking the soup part of me felt like I am devouring my own mum...but if you must know it taste rather like chicken & nothing special about it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taipei (台北) is the largest city in Taiwan and has served as the de facto capital of the Republic of China (Taiwan) since the Chinese Civil War in 1949. It is situated on the Danshui RiverDanshui, almost at the northern tip of the island.

Basically when I look at some Taiwanese teenagers the idea that went through my mind is dat they are all polluted by Japanese culture seems like some sort of Jap Poser..!

Actually in terms of shopping I find that the cost is not much of a difference compared to Singapore but of course i would say that 'KUDOS' to the street fashion. They have very well designed street wear and you are spoilt with choices when it comes to sneakers.

I went to the Yangmingshan which its one of their national park but the sad thing was everywhere was covered with thick fog hence I couldn't get a nice picture with a beautiful scene in it. Food paradise is located at Kee Lung and they have almost all kind of seafood there.

Basically Taipei wasn't much of a nice experience for me so hopefully going with "i1" might give a different story...! =p So please pardon me for not being able to give u a detailed story..


Streets of Jaipur The streets of Jaipur & the cultures are so different from the big city. The air is less polluted, landscape are more attractive & seems to be more peaceful. Most of the buildings in Jaipur are coloured in Pink and there are more historical places to visit. The only bad thing is the weather. Its hot & dry making us an easy prey to dehydration. The coolest of all you may find in Jaipur is this historical palace in the middle of the lake & its a magnificent architecture work.

The beauty of Jaipur..! In Jaipur most of the locals travel within an auto AKA Tuk Tuk, as private cabs isn’t much active.